Welcome to Herman Teas’ join us in a journey, stepping into the Far East, back to the time of the Silk Route; discover with us the perfect cup of tea, brewed specially for the Chinese Emperor. Today, though times and expertise have changed we at Handunugoda Tea Estate still follow the ancient Chinese art of Tea, paired with our experience to bring to you the ‘Perfect Cup Of Tea’

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Virgin White Tea – Our Flagship Product

Virgin white tea our flagship product, is a tea completely untouched by hand and follows an ancient Chinese tea making Ritual where the best of teas were offered as a tribute to the Emperor during the Tsong and Tsang dynasties of 5th and 6th century B.C. This tea is rich in antioxidants and is said to be the healthiest tea in the world. Marriage Freres one of the world’s most Luxurious Tea Salons situated in Faubourg Saint-Honore in Central Paris Is currently the only Tea Salon to serve Herman’s Virgin White tea.

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Handunugoda estate


Handunugoda Estate is the only tea estate situated in the coastal belt of Sri Lanka specializing in the artisanal manufacturing of ‘virgin white tea’ and is one of the handful of estates in Sri Lanka exporting high quality luxury teas to global markets. Herman teas are highly specialized Teas aiming to tickle the taste buds of the consumers, providing memorable experience while maintaining its unique flavour, can be brewed several times.

Handunugoda estate solely produces
Herman Brand of Teas.


Tea Plantation Visits


Guided tea plantation visit followed by a tea appreciation program is offered to all visitors at No Cost, and at the end the guests are treated to a complimentary luscious cake and a pot of tea at the proprietor’s bungalow. There are Innumerable Teas to be sipped, swirled and allowed to seduce the senses. Latest tea product is named after the plantation owner’s bestselling book ‘The Suicide Club’ – without giving the story away – one can taste the whiskey and smell the oversized cigars as it takes to few generations to a totally different way of life. Visitors keen to purchase tea gets a chance to buy these priceless teas at the tea shop.

You are welcome any day of the week
between 8.00 AM and 4.30 PM.


Gift of Tea


We want to open the doors to the world of luxury teas for amateurs, novice, aficionados, to connoisseurs. There’s a product to suit every palate and lifestyle. Select from our delicately elusive virgin white tea completely untouched by human to lighter green teas, rich malty aromatic black teas and refreshing zesty fruit flavours and herbal teas.

Allow Herman Teas to enrich
everyday moments that matter in life.
Enjoy the best things to see in Ahangama with a plan including the Handunugoda Tea EstateHandunugoda Tea Estate

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